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News - 2010


For a quick peek at the Caterpillar footage we shot last week, take a look at our short CAT Trash promo.


Brian Satchfield and Lance Robson will be at the North Central Landfill in Polk County shooting high definition video for Caterpillar and The Brush Art Corporation.


The Digital Media Services blog has been updated with an article featuring ideas on how to use sunlight, lamps and windows to create better-exposed images. Check out “Tips from the pros - Using your available light.”


Added A Stylized New York City, a unique look at The Big Apple during its gear-up to the 2010 holiday season.


Added The Journey of a Legend, our new docu-comedy short film about the Carnival Legend cruise ship, to the Video Productions Samples page.


We’ve upgraded our Vimeo account to offer an official Digital Media Services Vimeo Channel. Subscribe to the channel and get updated whenever a new video is posted!


Updated the Client Testimonials page with a quote from one of the American Victory Board of Directors.


Videographer Brian Satchfield will spend the next four days shooting footage of the Clearwater Jazz Holiday at Coachman Park in downtown Clearwater.


Videographer Brian Satchfield will be in Lake Wales, Florida today shooting HD video footage of Bok Tower Gardens for The Weather Network Canada.


Videographer Brian Satchfield will be at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World shooting coverage of the USSSA Softball Tournament.


Brian Satchfield and Lance Robson will be shooting HD video footage today at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. That same evening, they’ll be attending the Panasonic 3D Conference and Workshop.


The August Newsletter has been published and features Sean Deren’s Road Trip Photography of the southern United States, a Tech Tip on lens focal length and a Marketing Tip about the art of saying “Yes.”


Photographer Sean Deren, assisted by Robert Kildoo, worked for the Stacey Lee Agency this week shooting some fabulous promotional photography for country music singer Spenser Bahr. Images coming soon!


Digital Media Services and Hangar 1 Media hosted a screening of the documentary film “Tony Jannus: American Aviator” about the origins of commercial airline travel. The first passenger flight took place in 1914 from St. Petersburg to Tampa. Fair was $5.


The July Newsletter has been published and features the American Victory video, a Tech Tip on keeping your valuable computer files safe, a Marketing Tip on identifying the best in-person network events and more!


Added the recently-completed SS American Victory promotional video to the Video Production Samples page.


Updated the Home Theater Consulting page. Digital Media Services staff has been consulting individuals on home theater design, installation and setup for over 25 years!


The June Newsletter has been published and features Yellowstone National Park photography, a Tech Tip on digital projection and a Marketing Tip on developing turnkey marketing projects.


The Digital Media Services YouTube Channel past 30,000 video views today! Thanks to everyone for their support. Be sure to check out all of our social media pages including our Blog, our Facebook page, our Vimeo page and our Linkedin page.


Digital Media Services introduces the Express Brand Video, a high-quality yet affordable video product suitable for use as the premier marketing piece for a small business, corporate brand, tourist attraction or just about any other organization with an identity need. Similar to our Express Web Video, the Express Brand Video is a turnkey solution that can provide an immediate impact on the sales and marketing process. Review the Express Brand Video product details and view an example video.


Let the blogging commence! Digital Media Services has started a blog via Wordpress. Follow along as we discuss everything media-related plus a little opinion on topics such as customer service, professionalism, film and music and other life-changing matters!


The May Newsletter has been published and features a video production for Nautical Landings (which is a fine example of making the most of a budget), a Tech Tip on the relationship between high quality, fast delivery and low cost and a Marketing Tip on how to maximize budgetary resources.


Redesigned our home page and added a client testimonials section. Let us know what you think!


Added a great example of maximizing budgetary resources with a video for Nautical Landings. A one-day shoot with a crew of three and a few days editing resulted in a really nice promotional video for the client.


Sean Deren has been retained as the official photographer for Lebowski Fest in Orlando this weekend. If you’re attending, be sure to smile for the camera!


Sean Deren is the exclusive fashion photographer for today’s Public Photo Shoot Project event in Ybor City presented by The Flock Apparel.


Brian Satchfield, Lance Robson and Robert Kildoo on on an HD video shoot for Nautical Landings today.


The April newsletter has been published and features some fun time lapse and tilt shift video, a Tech Tip on how to create such imagery, a Marketing Tip on summer branding and being first to market plus our ubiquitous Extras section!


We’ve added a tilt-shift time-lapse video featuring The Florida Aquarium. A fun video, for sure!


We’ve published a Food Photography gallery featuring the delicious imagery of Sean Deren and Robert Adamo. If your business involved food, we can help you present it in its best light.


We had such a tremendous response to our Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas time lapse video that we decided to post an additional one for you to enjoy. This time, see the Celebrity Legend and Holland America Ryndam depart the Port of Tampa on an overcast Sunday afternoon.


We’ve published an initial sample of a long-term time lapse video project we’re producing. Check out Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas arriving and departing at the Channelside Cruise Ship terminal!


DMS video crew members Brian Satchfield and Lance Robson will spend this weekend in the Port of Tampa shooting the first of many time lapse videos for a project they’re working on with several clients.


The March Newsletter has been published and features our collection of cruise ship imagery, a Marketing Tip on Web video, a Tech Tip on 3D films and more!


DMS Videographer Brian Satchfield will be shooting a promotional video for Tony Michaelides, Publicist to the Stars, to post on Tony’s Website.


DMS will be in Miami Beach this week attending the Cruise Shipping Miami conference. We have several cruise industry clients so we like to stay up-to-date on the latest news, products and technology.


DMS Photographer Lance Robson and DMS Videographer Brian Satchfield will be shooting photography and video of this afternoon’s final regular season game for the USF Bulls Men’s Basketball team against Connecticut.


The February Newsletter has been published and features an impressive sports photography gallery by Lance Robson, a Marketing Tip providing an overview of how television commercials are produced, a Tech Tip on how to make use of Google Alerts and more!


DMS Photographer Lance Robson is off again to shoot the USF Bulls Men’s Basketball team as they battle Big East rival Providence.


DMS Photographer Lance Robson has received official press designation to cover the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team match against the El Salvador National Team tonight at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The game will be broadcast on ESPN Classic at 7 p.m. EST.


DMS Photographer Lance Robson will be at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa tonight with press pass in hand to cover the USF Bulls-Cincinnati Bearcats Big East basketball match up. Watch for Lance holding his own along the bass lines on ESPNU!


Digital Media Services has initiated a Facebook page for those who want to follow our activities via social media. Just become a fan and get news and updates automatically!


Digital Media Services has issued a press release introducing their Express Web Video product.


YouTube now supports full 1080p high definition video playback! To view a sample, watch the 1080p version of our Express Web Video example. Once the video begins to load, you’ll need to click the “Fullscreen” button at the bottom right of the video player to launch the full screen mode.


The January Newsletter has been published and features our new Express Web Video product, part two of a Tech Tip on how to get the most enjoyment from the movie theaters, a Marketing Tip on asking for referrals and more.


Sports photographer Lance Robson will brave the elements today covering the Bay Area Pelicans rugby game on Coquina Key in St. Petersburg.


Videographer Brian Satchfield is at the firm Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes today shooting b-roll for a video project.


Sports photographer Lance Robson is in Tampa today shooting a wheelchair rugby tournament. Cool stuff!

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